The Benefits of Tilt-Up

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The Benefits of Tilt-Up Construction

Wesex now utilizes the Tilt-Wall Construction method on many of our projects.  We find that this method consistently meets owner requirements of being both cost effective and expeditious. Many concrete structures that were built in the 1940’s that still stand fully operational to date. As a testament to durability, more than 90% of one-story structures in California are built using concrete panels to withstand earthquakes.

On the fence? Here are 6 reasons to choose tilt-wall for your next project…

1. Fire Safety

Tilt-Wall panels generally meet even the most rigorous building codes.  Concrete tilt-up panels offer great fire-resistance protection over other common materials. Paired with a well-designed building envelope, concrete panels also have ample flexibility in achieving the necessary rating requirements. Keep your assets protected and your employees safe.

2. Reduced Operating Costs

Concrete provides tremendous insulation that allows for more economical heating and cooling options. Although there are many architectural options, the panels can be left raw where no painting is required. We chose to leave the panels raw on our Wesex Headquarters project.  You can see an example of painted panels on our Philips Respironics project

3. Speed to Market

Tilt-Up Construction has shorter lead times than pre-cast.  The schedule can be compressed allowing multiple trades to be working simultaneously on a tilt-up job site. The panels can be manufactured on or off-site depending on accessibility and scope. Most of our panels are manufactured on site allowing the client to have a complete understanding of the framing, pouring, and aesthetic design process.

4. Easy to Maintain

Concrete Buildings often require minimal maintenance and are resistant to insect & rodent infestation. Tilt-up panels provide a smooth, easy to clean, durable finish that reduces the amount of damage that can be caused by work vehicles and other heavy equipment.

5. Clean Environment

Concrete transmits low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and will not reduce indoor air quality. Tilt-up is widely recognized as an environmentally friendly construction method. Most of our projects contain concrete walls that are made on-site which minimizes transportation costs. Insulated panels use non-conductive ties to take advantage of thermal mass properties which create an energy-efficient wall. 

6. Unique Design Options

The tilt-up method provides flexibility in unique design aesthetics.  Interior faces can be polished while different surfaces and textures can be applied to the exterior face making projects one of a kind.  

Here are a few projects we have in progress or have recently completed using the Tilt-Up Concrete construction method…

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