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How We Function as One Integrated Team.

We have learned the true benefits of leveraging technology in design & construction over the years by working closely with our clients and constantly disrupting the industry standards. While technology and the software we use are the “captain of the ship”, our organizational chart is made up of four primary components; Architecture & Engineering, Data Integration, Construction, and Project Coordination. All of these components work in tandem to create a seamless design & construction experience. 

Others say they do “BIM,” but use Revit primarily as a drafting tool. We prefer to push the envelope and provide clients with the true value of technology that provides benefits such as overall cost savings, enhanced collaboration, rapid clash detection, and accelerated building turnover. Recently, we have completely integrated Building Information Modeling into every aspect of our business – design, construction documentation, virtual reality simulation, renderings, field layouts, coordination, budgeting, scheduling, operations & maintenance models, shop drawings – essentially, if you can dream it, we can put it in Revit, and if we can’t, we won’t sleep until we find a way.

Our in-house team is now creating custom app integrations for the workflows we want to deploy but aren’t yet integrated into the software. We have mobile BIM stations in the field that allow the entire team to get real-time updates and digitally post questions/comments and as-built information that gets funneled back into the model immediately.


True Integration

Our unique combination of employees allows us to function as one integated unit. Often imitated, never duplicated. There are no disconnections in our workflow. Data & Coordination flow through the Design and Construction units to provide seamless clarity.


Technology Driven

Our proficient use of BIM and VDC drive our business model.  We implement the latest technology to deliver a complete building solution that actually quantifies real results.


It's All About the Data

Data Integration acts as one of our four main business components.  We leverage data to manage cost control which provides additional time for us to investigate creative value added solutions. Our Marketing and Finance teams also use data to drive intelligent business decisions.

Shifting Our Business Model 

Last year (2016) was a directional shift for Wesex as a whole.  We felt that it was critical to have buy-in from the entire staff as we shifted towards a BIM-driven model. The company had a strong design-build model but still outsourced much of the architecture portion.  With our new model, we have bridged that gap which allows us to have a holistic understanding of the full project and to manage all of our client’s important details.  Our staff is now much more than just a successful design-build unit, it’s a totally integrated team.  It’s not only our mission to deliver high-performance buildings using technology but to innovate and revolutionize the processes that drive that delivery.  

We know that data is powerful, and now have the team to leverage that. 

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