Digital Technology Services

Laser Scanning

From field verification models to point clouds & 360 degree photography.

3D Visualization

We utlize leading software to produce realistic renderings, fly-over videos, and VR experiences.

Field VDC

VDC allows our team to better schedule, estimate, and analyze to maximize constructability.

BIM Consulting

From quantification & custom families to point clouds & clash detection in Revit.

At Wesex, we eat, sleep, and breath technology. We are constantly looking for new and improved ways to utilize the equipment that we have to better serve our clients, and even more frequently, we’re looking for excuses to buy more. From laser scanning for existing conditions models to robotic layout of sprinkler head locations in the field, we are truly enamored with the many ways that the evolving technological world around us can enable us to provide a more competitive value proposition to our end users. If you’ve got a problem that you think technology can solve – we’d love to take a crack at it!

Digital Technology Services

  • Field Verification Models – 3D Scans converted to Phased Revit Models
  • Consulting Services: Quantification/Schedules/Custom Families
  • Renderings
  • Laser/Lidar/Point Cloud Scanning, ReCap scans
  • 360 Degree Photography
  • Point Clouds
  • Point Cloud / ReCap file post-processing
  • 3D Visualization Fly-Over Videos
  • Virtual Reality Walk-Throughs
  • Clash Detection Revit Coordination
  • VDC Field Layout

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